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"Dexter Nunnery, from the small town of McComb, Mississippi, brings a dynamic fusion of two worlds—hip hop and boxing—to life in his groundbreaking event, 'Round4.'

A visual creative and entrepreneur, Nunnery's journey from the south to southern california unfolds as he creates a platform where aspiring hip-hop individuals or groups step into the boxing ring to showcase their lyrical talents, stage presence, beats and bars.

In 'Round4,' Nunnery not only presents the raw talent of emerging artists but also intertwines their stories with the intensity of a boxing match, creating a unique viewing experience.

As the creator and driving force behind 'Round4,' Dexter Nunnery aims to break new ground in the entertainment landscape, giving a voice to the unheard while paying homage to the essence of hip-hop, the battle.

Through this innovative blend of hip hop and boxing, Nunnery invites viewers to witness the relentless pursuit of success, where every round is a chance to witness greatness, and every rhyme is a punch that resonates far beyond the ring."


Dexter Nunnery ROUND4

Executive Summary

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